Marketing Campaigns

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Facebook promotion - We will create a compelling Facebook Ad with you to target people by specific interests, occupations, and/or geographic region.

Social Campaign - While one of the goals is to help get the word out about your business and drive immediate business, the primary goal is to obtain their email address so you can continue to target them in the future. Using Social Campaigns inside of Constant Contact, they have a tool that helps collect their email address so you can continue to send them out more information about your business.

AutoResponder Emails - Once you obtain their email address, we will create a series of Emails that go out to them automatically within their first 15 days of entering their email address. We will create 3 emails based on the content that you provide with strong calls to action.  

Premium Email Template - We will create a master re-usable template for you to use for your email communication in Constant Contact. This template will include a branded template with a featured section 

Account Management - You will receive a post campaign follow up to review the success of your campaign. Also included:

Ongoing Quarterly Account Review calls to discuss Constant Contact and marketing initiatives

Monthly Optimization Email Reviews where you can send us your Constant Contact email and we will make sure if it completely optimized with all the standard best practices.

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