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All-Inclusive Email Marketing Solution | $1484 Our Most Popular Solution

Create, design, and publish a professional email marketing campaign that is permission based email marketing for your brand. Get to work with a leader in the space and see your business grow through the power of email marketing in partnership with Constant Contact. Expand your connections, network, and client relations with email marketing by using the best email marketing platform on the market – Constant Contact. Define a unique communications strategy that fuels your business growth, and build new opportunity in your business by offering promotions.

  • Communications Strategy Creation: Work with our team of experts to create a winning email marketing plan
  • Custom Email Marketing Template Design: Our professional designers will design a cutting edge custom email template that speaks volumes about your brand
  • Complete Account Setup: Every aspect of your Constant Contact account will be setup, relax and let the experts do their thing
  • Premium Template Included: Go beyond the standard template and see how our premium templates get you more opens, clicks and results
  • Email List Import & Setup: We handle your email list, add it to your account ensuring that the first campaign will gain maximum reach
  • Email Opt-In List Setup via Website/Landing Page: Our expert developers will install a special email sign up form allowing visitors to easily join your mailing list
  • Initial Email Campaign Creation: Our content producers will compile the content you send down to us into the premium email template so you can focus on creating compelling content
  • Email Archive Services Setup: Expand your reach with this powerful archiving service, we brand the archive homepage for you so visitors know they are reading past issues of your newsletters
  • Quick Production Time: Quick is the keyword here, give us 5 business days and see how quickly our team pulls together your email marketing campaign
  • Professional Team of Experts Training: Work with Engagement Marketing Consultants, Content Producers, Designers and Developers to support you in creating the best possible impact
  • First Campaign Follow-Up Call/Review: After we send the first campaign, hop on a call with one of our experts to discuss what worked, what did not work and how to improve moving forward
* You must have a Constant Contact account.
Email Marketing Production | Starting at $149 Monthly
We can manage your email marketing from start to finish: compiling content, designing a custom feature ad, copywriting text, and distribution. Or just pick just the services you want us to handle. We can operate on a monthly basis or as a one-off. No email marketing campaign is too small or too large. Combine this package with any of our other a la carte packages- like our Premium Templates, for example – for a custom email package that caters to your needs. You can rest easy knowing your email marketing is being handled by professionals.

  • We Take Stress of Email Campaign Production Off Your Shoulders
  • All Packages Include Production & Distribution of Email Campaign
  • Some Packages Offer Copywriting and Design of A Feature Ad
  • Monthly Contract or One-Off Relationship
Production & distribution: $149+ monthly

Production & distribution plus feature ad design: $249+ monthly

Production & distribution, feature ad design, and text copywriting: $494+ monthly

* A set-up fee equal to one monthly charge is required, and you must have a Constant Contact account.
Email Optimization Review | $94
Not getting the results you want from your email marketing? Let us take a look at what you’re sending, and give you our very honest, very informed feedback. Simply connecting with your market isn’t good enough: you have to send the right message in the right way. Our experienced team critiques your marketing emails and gives you solid suggestions for improvement. Communicate your wants and needs to our team, and we ensure they are prioritized. New copy isn’t just branded in a better way, it also considers marketing technicalities like keywords and your call to action, which lead to measurable results.

  • Suggestions to Revamp Email Marketing Copy
  • Critique of Previous Structure (learn from your mistakes!)
  • Design Feedback (your friends and clients’ compliments might just be politeness)
Email Opt-In Form Design & Site Installation | $194
Without a mailing list, the best email marketing in the world won’t grow your business. Get new readers – or should we say clients? – with a custom-designed email opt-in form. We listen to your needs, and we craft a form that convinces people not already signed up to give their email address and receive your email marketing. We even do all the back-end work, integrating the form into your website.

  • Custom-designed email opt-in form
  • Copy caters perfectly toward your readers
  • Full site integration: HTML coding and creating hyperlinks to correct destinations
Email Templates | Starting at $94
Beyond just compiling your information, let us wow your readers by formatting your text into one of our templates.


  • monthly company newsletter
  • monthly or bi-weekly promotional campaign
  • facebook or social media engagement campaign purpose
  • event invites

  • blog updates
  • press releases
  • product announcements
  • surveys
Dull, non-visual emails are less effective in engaging readers. Leveraging attractive aesthetics with excellent marketing copy is an equation for success. Communicate your wants and needs to our team, and we will provide you with the right template for your brand and market. Our email template match is the most basic, and a step up is the Standard Template, which includes a top header image, helping you better brand your campaign. Our Premium Template is a big step up: our amazing design team creates a custom header and bottom header, buttons, and a feature ad design. All of these elements encourage engagement and excitement, and a feature ad is your best chance to motivate your readers to interact.

Email Template Match (basic): $94

Standard Email Template: $394 Top Header Image + 2 rounds of revisions

Premium Email Template: $594 Top and Bottom Header Images + Custom Buttons + One Static Feature Ad Design + 4 rounds of revisions

* You must have a Constant Contact account.
Feature Ad Design | $149
Your best opportunity for interaction in any email marketing campaign is your feature ad. Leave the design up to us, communicating your goals and vision, and we’ll create an attractive, appealing ad that encourages click-throughs. One feature ad design is included in our Premium Package (just above), but we also offer this service a la carte.

  • 1 Feature Ad Perfect for Your Brand and Market
  • Incredible Visual Appeal
  • Feature Ad Can Be Sales-Focused
Communication Strategy | $194
Let a leader in the email marketing space help you determine your ideal cycle of communication, and work with us to develop a name for your communication (such as a name for your newsletter). Determine the right day and time to distribute your email campaigns, decide the best call to action, and select the best types of content to include in your campaigns. We’ll give you honest, informed feedback on your current campaign or proposed plans, so you can make better choices in the future.

  • Create Name for Your Communication (such as name for your newsletter)
  • Strategic Email Campaign Distribution Plan (day/time to distribute)
  • Templated Style to Follow for All Campaigns (types of content to include)
  • Specified Call to Action (which leads to measurable results)
QuickSetup | $94
If you just want a basic email campaign to go out with your content and logo, choose our QuickFormat option. We just need your content and your logo, and we turn them into a text-based campaign. This is perfect if you have the content, but you’re not comfortable with HTML-based distribution systems. Remember, you must distribute your campaign, we simply format it.

  • Quick Email Campaign Production
  • You Get Distribution-Ready Campaign
  • No HTML Formatting Fuss for You
* You must have a Constant Contact account.
Sales Cycle Auto-Responder Series | $984
You have the leads… let Conscious Commerce convert them into sales for you. For email marketing campaigns designed to create a transaction based on a new subscriber coming to your newsletter, opt for our Sales Cycle Auto-Responder series.

  • 35-day Cycle of Auto-Responders Designed to SELL for Your Company
  • Multiple Messages Shoot Out On Schedule to Convert Leads into Clients
  • Custom Messaging Suits Your Brand’s Vision
  • Engage Your Leads, Convert Them into Sales
* You must have a Constant Contact account.
Sales Cycle Auto-Responder Series | $984
Let Conscious Commerce send custom-crafted messages that brand your company in a positive, professional way. For email marketing campaigns designed to brand your company with introductions, freebies, a feature on the founder, reminders of differentiating factors, nudges to follow on twitter, and only the softest sell, opt for our Brand Awareness Auto-Responder series.
  • 35-day Cycle of Auto-Responders Designed to BRAND Your Company
  • Multiple Messages Shoot Out On Schedule With Custom-Crafted Messages
  • Custom Messaging Suits Your Brand’s Vision
  • Remind Your Current or Potential Clients Why You’re So Great
* You must have a Constant Contact account.

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