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Recent Praise on our Managed Account Program

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“If you use Constant Contact (which I find quite useful) then I highly recommend working with Conscious Commerce ( ) to help compellingly tell your story and market effectively in today’s world. My experience with the company has been wonderful and personal."

Bill Connors
Did you know that you get a free expert (called a Solution Provider) as part of your Constant Contact Subscription? #1 Rated Solution Provider, Conscious Commerce, has helped hundreds of Constant Contact Small Business Customers maximize their marketing results! Introducing the Managed Account Program by Conscious Commerce

The Managed Account Program (MAP) improves your email marketing campaign using two core processes: Email Optimization Review (EOR); and Account Review (AR). Accredited Local Experts analyze email newsletters and provide strategic improvements that yield immediate results!

FREE Monthly Email Optimization Review ~ $94 Value

Not getting the results you want from your email marketing? Let us take a look at what you’re sending, and give you our very honest, very informed feedback. Simply connecting with your market isn’t good enough: you have to send the right message in the right way. Our experienced team critiques your marketing emails and gives you solid suggestions for improvement. Communicate your wants and needs to our team, and we ensure they are prioritized. New copy isn’t just branded in a better way, it also considers marketing technicalities like keywords and your call to action, which lead to measurable results.
  • Suggestions to Revamp Email Marketing Copy
  • Critique of Previous Structure (learn from your mistakes!)
  • Design Feedback (your friends and clients’ compliments might just be politeness)

FREE Quarterly Account Review – $194 Value

We know marketing needs can change, and to stay on top of your game, getting a second look at your campaigns can make all the difference. That’s why we offer quarterly Account Reviews to make sure you are staying on the right track for your marketing success. Our knowledgeable team look at your account history and focus on some of the key numbers that determine your measurable results.
  • Apply Strategies to engage and convert prospects into customers.
  • Analyze the settings and parameters set the Constant Contact console.
  • Examine the frequency of emails, time of broadcast and your email content.

What are the Benefits of my Managed Account Program? Over $1904/Year in FREE Services

After a Platinum Partnership of nearly 10 years, Conscious Commerce has become Western Canada’s #1-Solution Provider of Constant Contact. Conscious Commerce has helped hundreds of Constant Contact customers achieve success by applying the principals of the Managed Account Program (MAP). Enrollment into MAP is complimentary (FREE, no-additional costs) to Constant Contact account holders.

Recent Praise on our Managed Account Program

“It was a pleasure working with Brandon. He provided extensive one-on-one guidance and support around how to systematize my organization's Constant Contact. He then followed-up immediately with next steps and additional resources. I look forward to growing my business and gaining new insights from Brandon and his team at Conscious Commerce.  "

Gena Rotstein CEO, Dexterity Ventures Inc. Place2Give

Recent Praise on our Managed Account Program

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“ArborCar Tree ServiceAgain, I cannot thank you again for all of the help that Conscious Commerce, yourself, have provided us. When we first started using Constant Contact we truly were not utilizing it to its fullest potential. With both the combination of the webinars, account reviews, and the phone call I just received from you our company has really begun to expand on marketing at a level we never thought possible. "

Kind regards, 
Hailey F. ArborCare Tree Service Ltd.

What Will I Receive by Enrolling?

We bring a number of benefits that can help you bring your marketing to the next level, and we can’t wait to help our clients achieve marketing superstar status! That’s why we offer you more than any other Solution Provider does. Here is a breakdown of what MAP’s complimentary service offering includes:
MAP Opening Review
  • Limit to (1) one MAPOR per MAP enrollment to be performed along with first EOR
  • Analysis of your Constant Contact console for total contacts vs. active email contacts, other CTCT services used, and reports
  • Analysis of the settings and parameters set in the Constant Contact console
  • Examine the frequency of emails, time of broadcast, and format of emails
  • Provide optional* solutions which will further enhance your email marketing campaigns (*at an additional cost if you opt in)
Email Optimization Review
  • Limit to (1) one EOR per month (12 times annually) – $94 value of professional consultation every month ($1128/yearly)
  • Identify opportunities to increase opens, click-through and purchase rates
  • Emphasis placed on Brand Awareness, Business Growth, and Engagement Marketing
Account Review
  • Limit to (1) one AR per Quarter (4x annually) – $194 value of professional consultation every 3 months ($776/yearly)
  • Apply strategies to engage and convert prospects into customers
  • Analysis of the settings and parameters set in the Constant Contact console
  • Examine the frequency of emails, time of broadcast, email content
Constant Contact Sponsored Webinars & Local Semiars
  • Visit Constant Contact website: Local Seminars, Hands-on Workshops and Industry Events
  • Direct website link to Constant Contact Events
  • Free weekly educational Webinars that you can view from your office
  • Free monthly educational Local Seminars hosted in your local area
Conscious Commerce Accredited Level 1 Support & Coaching
  • (2) accredited Constant Contact Local Experts on our team to serve your email marketing needs
  • Provide ongoing technical support to help you with the functions of Constant Contact
  • Provide guidance and coaching strategies to help optimize specific features of Constant Contact
  • Constant Contact also provides Support if you need help after business hours
More From Our Customers
"Brandon & Conscious Commerce have it all lined up - right from the first step in their system to completing with a new client! I have used 'pretty' websites & crm's before & they didn't achieve anything. Conscious Commerce is effective! Not to mention their customer service is great; they really listen."

Rick Titan
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