Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MAP Program?

The Managed Account Program (MAP) is a program that we developed to offer ongoing free assistance and coaching for our Constant Contact clients.  

  • This program includes:
  • Ongoing Quarterly Reviews - 30 minute sessions to provide immediate feedback and ways to optimize your Constant Contact account
  • Email Optimization Reviews - on a monthly basis send us your Constant Contact email and we'll provide a handful of different suggestions and best practices to improve your email. 
  • Inform you on any changes to product features, pricing, and other relevant Constant Contact updates
  • Provide ongoing, personalized support and coaching
  • Exclusive access to our archived Constant Contact and Marketing webinars

Why is MAP free?

As a Solution Provider of Constant Contact, Conscious Conscious receives a portion of your Constant Contact monthly bill which helps subsidize the MAP Program. Because of this, we are able to provide free ongoing coaching sessions for our clients.

In the end, it's a Win-Win for everyone involved. Constant Contact is happy because their customers receive extra layers of support from industry experts, they succeed in their marketing efforts, and ultimately stay as a client longer. Conscious Commerce receives ongoing revenue to provide this program. And our clients receive free ongoing coaching on their marketing initiatives.

What is the email that I received from Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is confirming that Conscious Commerce is your dedicated partner to help manage your Constant Contact account and to assist with your email marketing efforts. There is no action necessary for this email. 

Below is the email that you may have received:
email that you may have received
Welcome to the Conscious Commerce team!

Why do we require your password?

Conscious Commerce requires your login information in order to provide the best service possible for our clients. Occasionally, we will need access to your account to better assist you with strategy, account management, or if immediate issues arise. For clients that we manage on a monthly basis, we require passwords to create production within your account.

Conscious Commerce will NEVER share your information or data for any reason.

What will happen after Conscious Commerce gets "moved in" as a partner to my Constant Contact account?

You will unlock almost $2000 of free services under the Managed Account Program! Conscious Commerce will now be able to manage your account and assist you with your Email Marketing efforts on an ongoing basis. You will receive an email from Constant Contact confirming that we are working with you as a Solution Provider.

What upcoming changes will I see?

On June 23rd, we will be implementing a couple of changes to our billing processes. As a valued customer, we wanted to give you plenty of advance notice.

The first change? All customer accounts will now be billed 5 days prior to their monthly service period’s start date. This is simply a scheduling change, and has absolutely no impact on your monthly service period length or monthly bill amount (remember, you can view your current bill at any time by logging in to My Account).

The second change only impacts prepay customers: We will now auto-renew prepay accounts. This has long been requested by our prepay customers, so we’re very excited about it! Once this change goes into effect, when your prepay balance runs out, the credit card or PayPal account on file will automatically be charged and the account will be renewed with applied discounts for the same length of time as the original prepay period. This prepayment renewal will also be billed 5 days prior to the auto-payment date. As a reminder, prepay funds may last a shorter or longer time than the period purchased if your number of contacts, price plan amount, or package changes—and your next prepayment amount will also be adjusted accordingly. Customers will also continue to be automatically renewed for their prepayment until their account is cancelled. Accounts may be cancelled by calling our support center.

Both of the changes (explained above) go into effect on June 23, 2016 and will begin with your June or July service period. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs (stand-alone product, integrated product) or contact us.

You will not see a change in your price as a result of these billing process changes..

On July 5, 2016, Constant Contact will be implementing some changes to our product, and we wanted to be sure to give you plenty of advance notice.

First, your account will be migrated to our integrated product experience. Because of this migration, only emails created after March 2013 will automatically show up in the integrated product experience. If you need to keep any emails sent before March 2013, simply copy and save them as a new draft or download it and save it as a PDF.

Second, you will have access to our third-generation editor, which allows you to create mobile-responsive emails that look great on desktops and mobile devices alike. If you need to switch between our second and third-generation editors, click the “View New Templates” link within the second-generation template picker, and the “View Legacy Templates” link within the third-generation template picker. Learn more about our third-generation editor.

We are also changing our pricing structure for those customers who have between 501-10,000 contacts in their account. As a result, after July 5, 2016 your monthly price will change to $40.

We know that for a small business, every dollar counts, so please know that we will continue to work hard to bring you the marketing tools and award-winning support and education to get the results you need. If you have additional questions about this migration, please view this FAQ guide.

As always, thanks for being a Constant Contact customer.
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