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About Conscious Commerce

Conscious Commerce provides digital marketing solutions and website design that drive measurable website engagement located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We were established in 2004 by Brandon L.D. Klayman in Toronto, Canada, and are now based in Calgary. 

The source and strength of the leadership at Conscious Commerce comes from our conscious values and our goals, which were crafted with our vision firmly in mind. We define leadership by those willing to hold deep within their essence the energy of their company and be able to express it. We employ the foundational, strategic approach to leadership that you can learn about within our branding consultancy, Opportunity Now Emerging.

We have paired that moral anchor with solutions that meet your business’ complete marketing needs.

And now, we’ll brag a little bit:

  • Whether you are launching a business or improving an existing one, we can improve your branding and marketing from the high-level branding decisions right down to the nuts and bolts of your e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • We work with global businesses, and we know how to best connect with local and international markets.
  • Our clients love us, and we have loads of testimonials from very impressive people and companies.
  • Our pricing structure is balanced and sustainable.
  • We have been successful and profitable since 2004.
  • What we don’t provide in-house, we can still manage through our Partner Alliance Leaders (PALs), who provide powerful resources and tools to assist our clients.

Many of our clients just know us as the hard-working folks who get their amazing newsletters out every month, or the heroes who rescued their ailing social media campaigns.

Our Founder - Brandon London D. Klayman Of Conscious Commerce

Basic Info
  • Award Winning Top Rated Solution Provider Brandon London D. Klayman has that rare combination of technical know-how and artistic appreciation of branding’s nuances. Brandon brings boundless inspiration and expert insight to businesses worldwide, and has the keen ability to ask all the right questions to discover what makes you and your business tick… and how to best communicate that to the public.
  • Brandon is the creator of award winning integrative marketing firm Conscious Commerce, which is proud to be Constant Contact’s #1-rated partner. Since 2004, Conscious Commerce has been in business and profitable, providing everything from nuanced branding and business development to the nuts-and-bolts of online and e-mail marketing campaigns. The kicker: 2015 was its best year, yet.
  • Conscious Commerce serves as a hub for ONE (a nifty acronym for Brandon’s highly-specialized branding consultancy Opportunity Now Emerging), provides a host of marketing solutions in-house, and boasts of a global network of highly skilled Partner Alliance Leaders (PALs) who provide powerful resources and tools to clients.
  • From high-tech to health care, his expertise spans 21 years. From an early age, he founded various businesses, including successful computer retail solutions. He served as IBM’s Manager of Knowledge and Innovation and has sold computers to the White House, Yale, Harvard, Simon Frasier University, and US military locations.
  • As the current Master Certified Alberta, Canada Area Local Expert for Constant Contact, Brandon delivers cutting-edge seminars on internet, social and e-mail marketing know-how and best practice strategies. Because of his reputation as an educator, speaker and mentor, he was invited to become Global Communications Coordinator to Humanity’s Team, a global movement of individuals committed to the betterment of humanity created by the author of the Conversations with God trilogy.
  • Paralleling his development in the technology world, Brandon continued to increase his awareness and the wellness of those around him. He brings focus and transparency to his work, and for ten years, he has served on the board of Spirituality in Healthcare Network. He was also the Business Development Director for Stellar Bookings, representing a very select group of dedicated spiritual authors.
  • He’s married to La – short for “Lady Angela,” said with a French accent – and they live in Calgary, Alberta with their two kitten creations, Lion-O and Gaia.

Our Team At Conscious Commerce

Jennifer Taylor
Project Manager & Content Producer

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer has been with Conscious Commerce for over 4 years now and never stops learning! From production to Project management, she wears many hats for Conscious Commerce, and loves to take on a new challenge. 

Her personal passions are travelling,  baking, and spending time with her fun-loving family.
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Ryan McCaffrey
Paid Search Expert

Ryan McCaffrey

Ryan McCaffrey has always been fascinated with all things digital. After university, Ryan started working on the agency side of advertising. His first agency focused primarily on traditional advertising, but through time, Ryan began noticing the opportunities happening on the digital side. His first digital success, was working with Cirque du Soliel. Using only organic social media, he gave the client a 600% ROI. From here, Ryan became well versed in the advertising functions of Facebook - running campaigns for small non-profits to multi-million- dollar commodity organizations. The next step was search; Ryan’s fascination grew from social to Google. He got his accreditation from IAB and Google, and has been successfully strategizing search campaigns ever since.
Steven Taylor
Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor is our Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

He has a passion for photography and the artistic side of life. He also loves to travel with his beautiful wife and there 3 amazing kids.

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