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Email Marketing is the most underrated form of marketing. Some call it old-fashioned, and favor more fashionable venues such as social media and mobile-app marketing. With the collaboration of Constant Contact and their specialized solutions providers such as Conscious Commerce, together they have proven the doubters to be incorrect! In fact, with a strong focus on content marketing, email marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media.

Why is Email Marketing more powerful than Social Media?

With Email Marketing, the conversation is focused on your business in a more personal environment – the INBOX! Email Marketing provides the most direct line of communication to increase sales, with professional coaching from solution providers such as Conscious Commerce who utilize the most trusted Email Marketing platform in the industry, Constant Contact!
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All- Inclusive Email Marketing Solution

Most Conscious Commerce clients choose the All-inclusive Email Marketing Solution to save time strategizing, designing, and publishing a top_rated_partnerprofessional permission-based email marketing campaign which supports their brand. Partner with Conscious Commerce’s #1-Rated Email Marketing Team comprising of a dedicated Email Marketing Specialist, Project Managers, Creative Designers, Content Producers, and Professional Web Developers, who‘s are focused on building your Brand and increasing results!


Email Marketing Strategy Creation:

  • Identify your needs, branding, goals, objectives and vision
  • Develop winning Email Marketing Strategy to encourage engagement, interactions, networks, sharing and traffic to landing page while increasing online procurements
  • Define a unique communications strategy that fuels your business growth, and builds new opportunities in your business by offering promotions
  • Create Name for Your Communication (such as name for your newsletter)
  • Strategic Email Campaign Distribution Plan (day/time to distribute)
  • Template-Style to Follow for All Campaigns (types of content to include)
  • Define Milestones (which leads to measurable results)

Email Marketing Account Setup
Premium Newsletter Template Design
Email Opt-In List Setup via Website/Landing Page**
Initial Email Newsletter Broadcast
Quick Turnaround
Professional User Training($294 value)
Email Optimization Review ($94 value)
Apps, Inegrations & Services (included with Constant Contact account)
Our Digital Marketing Solutions are priced for small businesses with fixed pricing for your benefit. 
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All-inclusive Email Marketing Solution | Quick Reference Guide


Communications Plan Strategy    
   Premium Newsletter Design    
Constant Contact Account Setup  
Email Address List Import & Setup
Email Newsletter Sign-up
Initial Email Newsletter Broadcast
Quick-ly Production Time
Professional User Training
First Campaign Review
Email Optimization Review
Apps, Integrations & Services


Planning of Communications Strategy
Design, Feature Ad and Layout Newsletter
Time Saver, focus on increasing results
Format and upload database
Design and integrate custom sign-up form
Layout content & ensure campaign starts well
Turnaround in 5 Business Days
Train on How to update & maximize results
Discuss Successes, Failures & Improvements
Review, critique and improve your emails
Manage email & social media campaigns


"Since Brandon gracefully started to offer support with email marketing, our company launched its best Newsletter. The help provided is invaluable. Brandon’s knowledge and experience are outstanding, topped by a respectful conduct and pleasant personality.

Alina, Green Smoothies,

"You guys have been great!


"I appreciate your help and patience. You guys have been great in setting up our Constant Contact Newsletter."

"I couldn’t have done it without you guys!
Local Calgary Client

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